Novaseal Corp. Introduces Puls2 Heat Sealing Technology

Novaseal Corp. reported Puls2 as a new heat sealing technology for industrial fabrics used in roller shades, awnings, printed media, etc.

"Puls2 sealing technology produces better seals with less heat," said Glenn Lippman, President and CEO of Novaseal Corp., and goes onto say, "Cooler sealing means heating elements last longer, no color discoloration, less need for zone tape, less maintenance costs while producing higher quality stronger seals in less time than existing methods."

According to a media release, since its inception, more than 20,000 hours using Puls2 has produced outstanding results. Existing clients with original pulse sealing technology can now upgrade their pulse sealers to Puls2 technology with an easy to install Puls2 upgrade module.

Puls2 technology is also available for Novaseal's automated factory floor models ranging in heat sealing bar lengths from 168in to 294in with and/or without customized options.

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    Papyrus Joins Forces with Designer Lela Rose

    Papyrus is looking to bring the “elegance and style” of fashion to its greeting cards via a new designer collaboration series.

    According to a release, the collaboration marks the first time a fashion design house and greeting card brand have joined forces to develop a custom greeting card collection.

    Papyrus said it is partnering with American fashion designer Lela Rose to introduce the series. Rose will feature her "sophisticated yet modern style" in the debut card and gift collection, slated to launch during New York Fashion Week. The collection will be available in New York City Papyrus stores and select retailers in September, with availability expanding to all Papyrus locations and retailers in October.

    "The fashion designer collaboration series is a celebration of the commitment Papyrus has to the arts, including a focus on the fashion industry, quality craftsmanship and trend-forward design," said Christy Kaprosy, President of Papyrus-Recycled Greetings. "We are delighted to have Lela Rose's elegant line lead the first Papyrus fashion designer collaboration program, and we are excited to bring more fashion designers to our loyal customers in the future."

    The company noted the collection, which draws inspiration from some of Rose's recent runway designs, consists of 16 cards and five gift accessories, including gift bags, gift tissue, roll wrap and a gift tag set. It also will be available online at

    "I'm thrilled to be the first designer to collaborate with Papyrus on their exclusive new fashion series," said Lela Rose. "This is a unique way to showcase our designs, silhouettes and prints, and extend the brand into a new category."





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