Close Up Media, Inc.

Who We Are, What We Do

Close-Up Media is an independent digital media company. Our brands include Wireless News, Entertainment Close-Up, Health and Beauty Close-Up, Travel and Leisure Close-Up and Food and Beverage Close-Up.

Close-Up Media provides companies and their employees with the information to gain a competitive edge via our content, which is:

-Wide and deep. We generate between 200-500 business stories per day, between our seven publications.

-Concise and relevant. We know business professionals are busy and need their information fast and easy. That’s why we leverage an array of Internet sites, company releases and sources and industry experts to cut through the hype, bringing you information that is engaging and easy-to-understand.

-Heavy on trends. We understand the value of trends and new ideas, particularly those online and those "going viral." Also on our radar: demographics, consumer behavior and other data on behaviors and attitudes.

-Mindful of governance, risk and compliance. We pay special attention to moves and policies that involve government laws and regulations, covering risk management strategies and solutions in key areas such as legal issues, compliance, investigations and training and communications.

If you're in business or want to be in business, then you are our audience. Our goal is to help you stay informed on the “who, how, when, what, where and why,” of today’s business news.

In short, we strive to provide you with the insight and knowledge to stay focused, informed and ahead of the game.